Colour Mismatch

Colors of any outfit that appear on a computer monitor may be slightly different than the actual color of the outfit. This color mismatch is unavoidable and due to technical reasons beyond our control. Red, maroon and orange colors have a higher tendency to reflect as a different shade in the image uploaded on the website as compared to other colors. For example: When you yourself try to photograph a red color garment from your digital camera, in most of the cases it will show either as maroon or orange on the computer monitor. Many a times green and blue also overlap. Same is the case with off-white, white and cream colors. Sea Green color sometimes looks Aqua blue and the other way around. Though imaging technology has advanced, still no full proof solution to this problem is available at the moment.


No Guarantee for Beads/ Sequences Work/ Embroidery – Hand Work and Stitching

We believe that customers who are ordering items with stones and other beaded embroidery are aware of the fact that these shiny embellishments have a tendency to come off. Beads/ Sequence Work or any type of embroidery have a tendency of coming off while handling the product, wearing the product or while using it. We check the product thoroughly before shipping, but as the style is handled by so many different people while shipping, there are changes that some embroidery may come off, we cannot guarantee that once the product is shipped. Many a times during strict physical checking at the customs during transit, more than usual sequences and beads come off. It also happens that you open your parcel once received and find some embroidery pieces falling down on the floor, or when you wear the dress and, in few hours, you might lose some of them. This is normal with these kinds of products and hence they cannot be replaced and will carry no Guarantee on them.