Gota Patti saree

Designer Embroidered Saree
Product Code : WSR33850
Festive Wear Saree In Pista Green Color
Product Code : WSR33849
Wedding Wear Saree In Peach Color
Product Code : WSR33848
Embroidery Saree In Light Pink Color
Product Code : WSR33847
Banarasi Silk printed Saree In Red Color
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Product Code : WSR32040
Traditional Wedding Sarees For Bride
Product Code : WSR30548
Wedding Maroon And Green Gharchola Saree
Product Code : WSR30537
Shimmer Silk Border Work Saree In Pista Green Color
Ready To Ship
Product Code : WSR30510
Rosy Brown Shimmer Silk Saree
Product Code : WSR30502
Cut Dana And Gota Patti Work Yellow Silk Saree
Product Code : WSR30501
Zardosi Work Light Olive Shimmer Silk Saree
Ready To Ship
Product Code : WSR30500
Shimmer Silk Saree With Gota Patti Work
Product Code : WSR30486
Red And Green Silk Saree
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Product Code : WSR30151

Gotapatti Saree

This gotapatti artwork originally came from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Craftsmen use a technique called the applique technique where golden zari threads are woven into intricate designs and sewed on to the saree borders, this is called gotapatti work. In India, gotapatti saree is a pride heirloom in many Rajasthani families and is worn on special events or festivals. Shop for beautiful gotapatti saree here and be the star of the occasion.