Black Chiffon Designer Lehenga Choli
Product Code : WLC38962
Size : 36, 38, 40
Peach and White Designer Lehenga Choli
Product Code : WSR38293
Size : 36, 38, 40
Marble Chiffon Shirt With High Waist Printed Lehenga
Product Code : WCS38279
Size : 36, 38, 40
Multi Color Cotton Chaniya Choli for Navratri
Ready To Ship
Product Code : WCS38269
Size : 36, 38, 40
Navratri Special Multi Color Cotton Chanya Choli
Ready To Ship
Product Code : WCS38268
Size : 36, 38, 40
Bandhani Lehenga Choli In Green Color
Product Code : WLC38259
Festive Wear Indowestern Style Lehenga Choli
Ready To Ship
Product Code : WCS37236
Size : 36, 38, 40
Jacket Style Lehenga Choli In Net Fabric
Product Code : WCS37114
Size : 38
Jacket Style Embroidered Peacock Blue Indowestern
Product Code : WCS37109
Size : 38
Onion Pink Color Net Fabric Indowestern
Product Code : WCS37105
Size : 36, 38, 40
Heavy Embroidered Golden Indowestern Lehenga Choli
Product Code : WCS37104
Size : 38
Sequins Work Designer Lehenga Choli
Online Only
Product Code : WCS36995
Size : 36, 38
Shaded Lehenga Choli In Silk Fabric
Product Code : WCS36993
Size : 40, 42
Pink Lehenga Choli In Silk Fabric
Product Code : WLC36977
Embroidered Lehenga Choli With Dupatta
Product Code : WCS36961
Size : 38
Attractive Sequins Work Lehenga Choli
Online Only
Product Code : WCS36955
Size : 36, 38, 40, 42, 44
Peplum Style Lehenga Choli In Baby Pink Color
Product Code : WCS36945
Size : 36, 38
Traditional Wear Lehenga Choli For Women
Product Code : WCS36942
Size : 38
Multi Color Sequins Work Lehenga Choli With Dupatta
Product Code : WCS36940
Size : 36, 38
Chiffon Resham Work Lehenga Choli
Product Code : WCS36938
Size : 36, 38
Bridal Wear Lehenga Choli In Velvet Fabric
Product Code : WLC36913
Attractive Look Bridal Wear Lehenga Choli
Product Code : WLC36911
Pink And Maroon Shaded Wedding Lehenga Choli
Product Code : WLC36906
Mesmerizing Lehenga Choli For Bride
Product Code : WLC36905
Heavy Embroidered Bridal Lehenga Choli
Product Code : WLC36904
Cream And Red Silk Lehenga Choli
Product Code : WLC36896
Designer Velvet Lehenga Choli For Bride
Product Code : WLC36895
Bridal Wear Lehenga Choli In Pink Color
Product Code : WLC36894
Royal Look Silk Lehenga Choli In Red Color
Product Code : WLC36893
Net Fabric Embroidery Lehenga Choli In Grey Color
Product Code : WCS36507
Size : 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50

Lehenga Choli, a tale of grandness and photogenic twirls! 

Lehenga cholis are a breath-taking assortment of fabrics, prints and embellishments, crafted to create beautiful memories for beautiful you.  

Lehenga, Ghaghra or Chaniya Choli.. call it by any name, this piece of walking art is one of the earliest forms of clothing worn in India. Lehenga is basically an ankle-length, embroidered and pleated skirt from the Indian subcontinent, specifically worn with a short a fitting blouse/top called choli and a beautiful dupatta to add more grace and elegance. Different patterns and styles of embroidery are used to decorate the lehenga and it comes in different style such as Sharara, Ghagra and Laacha and so on.  

Lehengas are mainly worn to special occasions like weddings, parties and festivities. It is the epitome of style and grace that makes you look more beautiful with every swirl.  

Origin of lehenga cholis 

Before they became the star of every occasion, Lehenga cholis were worn by the Indian women since the 10th century, but it was the Mughals who made this 3-oiece attire so popular. Although Rajputs from Rajasthan and Gujarat regions wore similar attire, except they wore pleated skirts called ghaghra along with choli and dupatta. This 3-oiece attire, which included peshwaj (kurta), pajama (lehenga) and patka (dupatta), traced its roots in the Persian heritage.   

Long after the Mughals left the country, Lehenga continued to be popular, especially in the Northern part of India as Mughals had a stronghold and influence on the culture of this region. From being worn by the royals, lehenga cholis have evolved and managed to become a style statement in the modern times. 

Interestingly, every state has its own variation of lehenga cholis – Gujarati wear lehengas with patchwork and mirror-work, while the women of Rajasthan decorate it with Gota patti and Kundan work. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of lehenga cholis such as bridal lehenga cholis, wedding lehenga cholis, designer lehenga cholis, Indo-western lehenga cholis, etc.  

Lehenga cholis are a huge hit among young generation around the world, thanks to the larger-than-life Bollywood movies by big banners like Karan Johar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali who managed to transform Lehengas into a fashionable attire.  

Nowadays, modern women are experimenting and exploring with new style, colour and look when it comes to their lehengas – right from floral lehenga cholis to Anarkali lehenga, fish-cut lehenga, ruffled lehenga, umbrella style lehenga to exquisite lehenga saree as well as the latest lehenga with long trails to give a dramatic look. 

Welcome to the world of elegant and contemporary flares and we help you find your perfect dream lehenga.