Saree Blouse

As we know, a saree is incomplete without a crop top called blouse. Saree blouses form an important part of the overall appearance of the saree and it can either make or mar the entire look. Therefore, a well-tailored blouse is very important for that crisp and elegant look. The concept of wearing blouse and petticoat were introduced in India by the British.  style garments became so inseparable from the saree that we now consider them to be our traditional garments.

However, if the legends are true, the invention of the modern-day saree blouse was conceptualised by Gyananadini devi, the sister-in-law to Rabindra Nath Tagore, who was denied entry in an English club for wearing a Bengali saree, as in those days’ saree was worn without blouse. Gyananadini devi learned to wear puff sleeved blouses from Parsi women in Mumbai. Indian women started accepting this trend and soon it became our national outfit.