Safe and Secure Payment

We want your shopping experience to be fun, easy, convenient and secure, we therefore have the highest level of security. 


Easy ways to pay :

We also have Net Banking facility for all our customers around the Globe for making your shopping experience memorable. 

Our payment options include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, CCAvenue, PayU Biz and PayPal. 

We offer various ways to pay for both our National & International customers.  


Secure Payment Options:  

Shopping at is 100% safe so yes, it’s safe to use your credit cards here.  

We have three payment gateways integrated in our website for our International customers which are PayPal, PayU Biz and CCAvenue.

Our Indian customers can use CCAvenue and PayU Biz 

All these gateways are completely secure and have multiple options to pay from. 

You can be assured that has one of the best security which is currently available. This ensures that shopping at remains safe, private and secure. 


Encryption Technology: 

PayU Biz uses encryption technology as it is the latest and is used to protect the credit card information.  

The information is encrypted with care so that it cannot be read or breached while traveling over the internet.  

PayU Biz also uses CVV number of credit card which ensures manual verification.  

PayPal uses email address to make the payments.  

Payment through PayPal is encouraged specially because of its encryption method is by using email for payments. 


Account Security: does not collect any Credit Card Information nor store the account information of the customer.  

The transaction is verified at various check points according to your payment preference. We are not involved at any point in this entire process. 

Our international customers can use our Payment Gateway option to use their credit cards as we directly do not accept international credit cards.  

In case of any issue we also have net banking facility so that none of our customers are unsatisfied.  


Any suggestions? 
Any feedback or ideas we receive about the site, our service or our products, is hugely helpful in improving our services. Please do let us know of any payment method preferences you have which do not appear at our checkout on [email protected] and we will review this as a part of our ongoing commitment to customer care.  


What credit cards are supported? 
We accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards.